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We juxtapose conventional marketing plans by integrating highly-targeted online advertising and highly-relatable social media outreach to augment traditional media programs. aJuxt works with some of the biggest names in the HPC, AI and Big Data industries to optimize budget efficiency and ensure consistent brand identity and messaging. When you meet with our team, we will align the marketing experts needed for your specific project goals and collaborate with your investor relations, public relations or in-house teams to ensure consistent messaging is delivered efficiently.

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Case Study


Digital & Social Event

Going virtual for the first time presented a challenge and a unique opportunity for a popular HPC and AI client known for hosting industry-leading annual conferences.

Our process:

We designed a campaign using PPC and In-network ads, retargeting emails and social media to educate past attendees of the new format and to reach a new audience now able to attend virtually.

Social Media

The results:

With a combination of PPC and In-network ads, retargeting emails and social media, we delivered 7,254,853 impressions with website clicks or engagements of 84,477.


Mission accomplished.

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Our troupe of 24 social media, branding and media placement specialists exert a research-based, know-how approach to integrated media targeting. One-third of our current clients are leaders in the HPC industry. Our services include digital campaign development, social media audience analysis, social media marketing, display targeting, media planning and buying, and a suite of campaign support tools.

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